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Going Into Specifics 

A common indication of nostalgia or even just that a memory is significant is the varying degrees in which a person remembers that memory. For some certain parts of their lives are completely immemorial, while other aspects are so vivid.

Many different teachers who were interviewed had this experience where they would remember very specific things from certain shows and some would express their shock at what stood out to their young minds.

“I do have an early memory of a program that I used to watch with my older brother and my father. It was kind of a how to draw and it was a half hour and you very carefully followed the moderator it was this guy, I remember, and the camera was focused on his pencil and paper and he very carefully would start out drawing something like a rowboat or how to draw a knot that's tied. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to draw a rope that’s tied in a knot. How to show thickness. Eventually one point perspective and things like that. That was fun, that was a lot of fun”

(Mr. Hartman)



“I don’t know why, but that seems to be the highlight of what I remember.”


“The wife whenever she was accomplishing, whatever she was doing with her magic, she would initiate all her magic by twitching her nose. Not with her finger but literally it would be like a sound effect and you would see her nose go back and forth, left and right”


(Dr. Viscusi)

“My very first memory of watching something on a TV was called Romper Room. Romper Room. And it was probably on channel 13 or PBS. A there was a teacher like in a classroom like in a nursery school room. Her name was Ms. Louise. Holy whatever how do I remember that? I mean I was four, talking...1964. Kennedy had just been assassinated, that's how long ago this is and I remember Ms. Louise. And she would talk to the TV as if the TV...She would talk to the screen as if the screen where her classroom and you were supposed to talk back to the TV.”

“I remember there was a peacock. The NBC logo was a peacock and the feathers would fold out in full color. I think they started out in black-and-white and then they would turn color as the peacock's feathers would fold out. You're watching NBC in living color. It’s incredible how much of the stuff I remember it's really crazy”

(Mr. Schwartz)

“Greatest American Hero was like a parody of Superman. And I just, I remember the theme song


And the theme song would get me excited for the show and... oh wow.”

(Mr. Broadus)

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