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Where are the bees buzzing off to?

What are Bees?

Bees may be the most important insects currently on our planet. While bees are mostly viewed as threats to people because of their stings, they actually do alot more good for us than bad. The extent to which bees support the earth's fragile ecosystem still has not been fully discovered by scientists. What we do know, is without them we may be unable to survive.

What is this project?

The goal of this project was to take a deeper dive into a field I explored in detail over the Summer, the world of beekeeping. Once back at school I needed to think of a direction to go in for my scholar's project. I chose to investigate die off of bees both domesticated and wild. My goal was to find the causes and the effects of this previously ignored part of the ecosystem. Throughout the scientific community bees are used as the canary in the gold mine for earth's ecosystem. This project may bee focused on bees but it tells the story of what is happening to our beautiful planet.

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