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Individual Student Research Projects

Welcome to the individual student research projects section of Anchors: Student Research Journal of York Preparatory School.  Its goal, like that of academic journals throughout the world, is to present the finest quality original research and academic writing to an audience beyond the traditional classroom.  In this inaugural issue, students explore politics, gender, science, and literature in studies of the history of China, France, the Holy Roman Empire, Korea, Poland, and the United States.  Enjoy!

Maya Fuchs-Bortolami

Drawing inspiration from the fashion of the Middle East and East Asia, Paul Poiret redefined haute couture in the early decades of the twentieth century while creating a brand that served as a model for contemporary fashion houses throughout the world.

Julia Danan

At the request of France's Louis XV, Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, a playwright, inventor, and spy, established the Roderigue Hortalez Company, a "front company" through which the kingdoms of France and Spain funded the American revolutionaries.

The Forgotten Liaisons of the French & American Alliance: Recognizing the Influential Roles Beaumarchais and the Roderigue Hortalez Company on Financing the American Revolution

Isabella Ding

Inspired by the fashion and philosophy of the "New Woman" movement, three groups of women in Shanghai during the 1920s and 1930s define their place in Chinese society through the clothes they wore.

A New Skin of Liberation: New Women's Fashion in Shanghai

Sammy Kane

With its contradiction of the Ptolemaic geocentric theory of the solar system, the model sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church, Nicholas Copernicus's heliocentric theory relied on Lutheran scholars such as Phillip Melanchthon and the Melanchtonian Circle to be spread throughout Europe.

The Hidden Secret of the Scientific Revolution

Victoria Laboz

Henryk Sienkiewicz, a late-nineteenth-century Polish author, criticized both the growing wave of Polish immigration to the United States and the Romantic vision for the reunification of Poland in his 1880 novella Za Chlebem, (For Bread).

Reflections of the Old and New World: The Depiction of Romanticism & Positivism in Za Chlebem

Haewon Lee

At the conclusion of the First World War, with little foreign support, Korean nationalists of the March-First Movement confronted Japanese imperial power in an effort to win for themselves a degree of cultural and political autonomy.

Korean Resistance Against Japanese Occupation: Efforts Made by Koreans Before and During the March-First Movement to Gain Independence

Sarah Warshavsky

In the middle of the nineteenth century, American women activists began a campaign against the widespread consumption of alcohol by men on the grounds that it threatened their safety as well as that of their children and endangered the economic stability of their families.  The lessons learned in this Temperance movement led many women into the campaign to secure the right to vote in national elections.

The Influence of the Suffrage and Temperance Movements During the Progressive Era

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