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Lady Deborah Moody is a Dangerous Woman

 Lady Deborah Moody was a dangerous woman. She was a woman forging her own path with her own power. In a world that at the time was run by men, Moody took it upon herself to break out of the traditional housewife, child bearer mold, and became the founder of a town. Moody confronted religious intolerance, she challenged the Church of Salem, and she led a group of outcasts on their journey to freedom. Her danger was her influence. Moody’s capability to forge her own path and take charge of her ambitions, and at the same time have people believe in her, people like the governors of New Amsterdam and people that had been exiled from Salem, was a feat never easily accomplished by a woman in those times. Even Ann Hutchinson hadn’t even accomplished the influence that Moody had. Moody was a forger of true freedom and influence in a world that didn't want her to be.

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