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“All the time and I wonder where are all the good shows these days because they were back in my time.”

(Dr. Viscusi)

“But I definitely have an affection for TV shows that I grew up watching.”


“I miss shows with like strong African American families.”

“TV is different now.”

 (Mr. Broadus)

An Abhorrence for Today

A common feeling is that the media of our time is more substantial, enriching, and just overall better. No matter what time period you lived in, the television from that point is the “golden age.”


The reasoning is a consequence of nostalgia. We treasure the media of our time because it is connected to good and simple memories. We dismiss the media that young kids enjoy today simply because it is not like what we remember

“Television -once the most familiar of everyday objects- is now transforming at such rapid speeds that we no longer really know what “TV” is at all.” (Spigel, 2004)

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